Pan Fried Halibut and Lentils

March 17, 2010

I hope you will indulge me a bit with my second lentils-related post in a week. But after my dear mother’s comment that I hadn’t used french lentils, I thought I’d rectify the situation and show y’all the difference.

In fact, there’s not much to share tonight, as I’ve already done a post on how to prepare lentils.

Tonight I started by sautéing up carrots, celery, garlic, and leeks in olive oil over medium heat in a sauce pan, added 2 T. dry white wine, and when it was evaporated added 1 c. lentils and 2 c. each water and chicken broth. I simmered until they were tender, about 25 minutes.

The halibut was simply seasoned with kosher salt and pepper. Then fried in a small amount of oil until cooked through, about 4-5 minutes per side.

See the results, below:

Stay tuned this Friday for my first guest post! My sister, Jessica, will be sharing with us stories about recipes about her favorite culinary ingredient: fennel!


  1. that’s a lot of protein

    • And fiber! It’s good for you!

      What I don’t always show in these photos is what else gets served. In this case, nothing, but you could totally do a salad or some roasted vegetables or even include some braised greens in the bowl with the lentils and fish.

  2. Looks amazing! I LOVE halibut and lentils I’ve grown to like over the years…really enjoy them now! The fish is making my mouth water! I like to eat lots of fish during spring and summer…this might be on my list! 🙂

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