Please Comment

March 20, 2008

Hello everyone –
If you’re reading this blog, please comment every once in a while! If you’ve made a dish on here, or plan to, or have follow-up questions, or requests, or any of a number of other things, please let me know.

Hope you’re enjoying the new posts, and please keep reading.



  1. OK. . .I’m commenting. . .I love your blog!!!! I’m so glad to add yours to my favorites. . .now I just need to get inspired and start posting to mine!Happy Posting!!Monique

  2. I will post my Creole Passover menu next month…

  3. Seth Klonsky I am waiting for the creole passover menu:) i made the poached salmon and it was heavenly! I hope that you write a Mother’s Day menu …hint hint !

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