My Odd Habit

March 16, 2008

As I prepare to catch up on my blogging, I thought this nice and short piece about my strange habit (which I share with my sister, by the way) would be fun to post.

When I go to the grocery store, even if only for a few things, I insist on sorting my groceries into various categories: meats, dairy (including eggs), fruits and vegetables, dry goods, household, etc.

The end result is this (in a blurry iPhone photo):

The sad thing is the baggers and clerks don’t share my obsession, and the groceries end up in the bags all mixed together. Some people just don’t care.


  1. Your mother and I (your father) are amazed at this ‘habit’ shared by you and JK…and for the life of us can’t figure out how we taught you this. We do, however, separate HBAs, chemicals, scented items from the rest…and put heavy items in the front of the checkout and lighter items in back. Perhaps this is a variation on this warped theme. Besides, you’re going to have to sort them again when you get home. Might as well sort once and save time.

  2. I have no idea where it came from either but I do it every time as well…and every so often the checker gets it right…those are good days!

  3. I do something similar only for me its because I think that the dairy will all end up in one bag, and then the vegetables in another, the dry goods in another and so on. this way when I get home I’m not transferring the bags all over the kitchen from fridge to cupboard and back; but again, you know it never ends up in my favor…

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