Restaurant List #1

January 27, 2008

Breakfast, anyone?

My friend Robert and I have had a Sunday morning breakfast tradition dating back to our first year in college. We have since invited Jared and Emily along for the ride. Because we eat out for breakfast on a weekly basis, we’ve frequented a lot of different restaurants. Here is the list of restaurants I’d recommend.

An asterisk represents a strong recommendation.

Downtown / Gas Lamp / East Village
Cafe 222 (Downtown)
Cafe Chloe * (East Village)
Influx * (Golden Hill)
The Mission Cafe: East Village (East Village)
North County / La Jolla / Del Mar
Cafe Americana (Del Mar)
Brockton Villa (La Jolla)
The Cottage (La Jolla)

Midtown / Central San Diego
The Mission Cafe: North Park (North Park)
Big Kitchen * (South Park)
Old Fashioned Pancake House (Kearny Mesa)

One comment

  1. Why isn’t Harry’s on here??? Just kidding.Yay! I made it into the blog!

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