Galette: 2nd Attempt

December 31, 2007

For my Country Dinner (posted this morning), I prepared an apple galette with rosemary.  I think it was really successful.  Lucky for me the batch of dough I made was enough for TWO galettes, so today was my 2nd attempt.  This time I sliced the apples very thin and glazed with a combination of melted butter and apricot jam.

I like the color the glaze gave to the pastry and the apples.  I am a bit worried that slicing the apples through the core (I removed the seeds) might make the center of the apples tough even if the baking process softens them somewhat.  I’ll let you know.

Also, I switched to Granny Smith.  I thought for a sweeter galette a more tart apple choice was in order.  My house smells like apple pie.

Here is the result:


  1. why didn’t you make us one of these? 😉 looks yummy…

  2. seriously…recipe?

  3. While this galette looks a little better, the first one definitely tasted better. This one could have used a little more sugar. I ate a handful of chocolate chips after because I’m a blimp, which was confirmed shortly after during a board game with Spencer and Emily.

  4. Update: this one wasn’t as good after all. Needed more sugar to offset to tartness of the apples. First prize in the beauty contest. Definitely second in taste.

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