Bread: Legend and Lore

December 28, 2007

One of my Christmas gifts this year was a bread warmer from Michie Tavern, a small touristy tavern serving Colonial-era food on original pewter plates, buffet style.  I have been to this place only once during an 8th grade trip to the East Coast.

When my parents traveled there a few years ago, they picked this gift up for me, and have been hoarding it in their closet for the past few years.  Well this year they gave it to me.  I”l post a picture in a bit, but I liked the card that was attached to it so much, that I thought I’d post that here.

Bread: Legend and Lore

Bread – “The Symbol of Friendship & Hospitality”
In ancient times many cultures believed bread was a Gift from God.

English: “Bread is the Staff of Life”
Russian: Bread is the symbol of friendship.
Spanish: “All sorrows are less with bread.”
Italian: “Bread is all food, the rest is merely accompaniment.”
German: Bread is the symbol of home and family.
French: “As good as Bread”
Danish: “Bread is better than the song of the birds.”
American Indians danced the “Bread Dance” for prosperity and good crops.
Slavic Proverb: “Without bread even a palace is sad, but with it a Pine Tree is paradise.”


  1. I don’t see a bread warmer anywhere? Are you talking about that little white plate thing? I don’t see how that is going to warm any bread. And it’s not very big. I think you should update this post and explain that while interesting, this bread warmer is rather small and therefore impractical. Perhaps your parents money would have been better spent on an ipod nano armband.

  2. To clarify, the “bread warmer” is simply a stone that you put in the oven, then place bread on it, and wrap it all with a towel. The residual heat from the stone keeps the bread warm longer.Don’t touch it when it’s hot, because, well, it’s hot!Seth

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